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    ISO 15189:2012 CERTIFIED LAB

    ·         Implementation and maintenance of Quality Management System as per ISO 15189: 2012

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    ·         To maintain strict internal quality control according to guidelines laid down by NABL.


Working Time
Sun – Sat - 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Welcome to Dr. Dutta’s Lab.

Complete Pathology Solutions in One Place

Our quality policy is to deliver timely unbiased quality test results as per national and international clinical test practices by maintaining a high level professionalism in Laboratory practices.

This shall be achieved through developing a transparent Quality Management System as per requirement of accreditation authority, well-accepted test methods, teamwork and involvement of employees to strive to achieve Customer (Patient/Physician) satisfaction.


Laboratory Services

 • ROUTINE BIOCHEMISTRY • HAEMATOLOGY • CLINICAL PATHOLOGY • MICROBIOLOGY • CYTOPATHOLOGY (PAP SMEAR, FNAC, BODY FLUID) • HISTOPATHOLOGY (TISSUE BIOPSY) • MOLECULAR BIOLOGY (TB PCR, HLA-B27,) • SPECIAL CHEMISTRY, IMMUNOLOGY & IMMUNOHAEMATOLOGY 1. TUMOUR MARKER ( CA125, AFP, PSA TOTAL) 2. REPRODUCTIVE MARKER (BETA-HCG, LH, FSH, PROLACTIN) 3. ENDOCRINE MARKER ( T3 total, T4 total, T4 free, T3 free, TSH, Anti-TPO, etc.) 4. Ra-Factor, ASO-Titer, Anti-CCP, ANA etc. 5. Serum IgE level 6. Procalcitonin 7. D-Dimer, Ferritin, Iron, TIBC, LDH, Vitamin B-12,Vitamin-D3 8. Hepatitis Marker (Anti HAV, Anti HEV, Anti HCV, HBsAg, etc.) 9. Troponin-T, CPK, CK-MB, etc. 10. HbA1c (HPLC), Thalassaemia (HPLC)